New City Little League

This page has all the necessary information for all Softball and Baseball teams to obtain Indoor and Outdoor Practice space. Some slots are only available to certain divisions based on gym size or slot time.

NCLL also has Batting Cages available for all Softball and Baseball Teams (once the Strawtown Complex is opened in late March / early April). Reservations are not required.

While all slots are posted through March, it is possible that more will be added, so please check regularly. Managers are permitted to select one slot per week for each team they are managing. If slots are still available within 36 hours of the posted slot, they will be provided to any team on a first come; first serve basis, regardless of division, time slot or if the team already has a slot in that week.

Submitted requests are usually approved or not approved within 48 hours of receipt, excluding requests that require a more timely response. All requests need to be sent to and will need to include the team name, division, manager contact information and the requested date and time. ONLY managers can submit for practice slots and only CLEARED teams will be approved for gym time. A cleared team is a team that has submitted all its medicals and sponsor as well as having backgorund checks completed.

Outdoor Slots are NOT AVAILABLE at this time. We will obtain permits at the school fields and will provide use of Zukor and Strawtown once the fields are opened; weather permitting.