All teams will be photographed on April 13 following Opening Day ceremonies.
Every player will have an opportunity take individual photos as well!
Our Picture ID is
All players will receive a complimentary team photo regardless if they order pictures
Registration Questions?

Please email regarding all registration questions or issues.

To be eligible to register, the player must be born as follows:

For Baseball players league age 6 to 16 (born between 9/1/02 and 8/31/13)
For Softball players league age 6 to 14 (born between 1/1/04 and 12/31/12)

To check to see where your child(ren) can play,
Click here and enter your home address OR your child's school address.
This web site will advise which league your child can play with in 2018. Be sure to click Baseball or Softball!  Any player that lives in the NC boundary or attends a school within the NC boundary would be eligible to be considered and possibly selected to a tournament team.

Upcoming League Events

Safety Clinic - Saturday, March 30 at 10:30am at Street School

Board Meeting - Sunday, April 07 at 7pm
Opening Day - Saturday, April 13.  Games are expected to begin on or around April 2
MLB JR HR Derby - Saturday, April 13 at 10am at Zukor Park, immediately following the Opening Day ceremonies!

Board Meeting - Sunday, May 19 at 7pm

Board Meeting - Sunday, June 09 at 7pm

Non-wood and laminated bats used in all Baseball Divisions from Tee Ball through Majors shall all bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat, USA Baseballs Youth Bat Performance Standard. All BPF 1.15 bats are prohibited. Additionally, the bat diameter shall not exceed 2 and 5/8 inches for these divisions of play. Additional information is available at