How it all began!


The League’s History dates back to 1953 with the formation of the Clarkstown LL, initially comprised of four teams known by the hamlets which they represented: New City, Congers, Bardonia and West Nyack.

As the population of Clarkstown increased, West Nyack and Bardonia joined together in 1956 to form the West Nyack LL. At the same time, the teams in Clarkstown LL were assigned names of professional baseball teams. Twelve years later, in 1968, the Congers LL was formed and the name of the Clarkstown LL was officially changed to New City LL.

In 1977, New City LL was divided into two separate leagues known as New City American and New City National, but still governed by a single Board of Directors. Each league has a Champion and fields its own All-Star team. In 1981, the number of major league teams was reduced from 20 - 14 (and then to 12 in 1985) with the creation of the International League.

Interleague play between the American and National Leagues was instituted in 1985. In 1993, New City LL moved from the Strawtown Road Fields to the new Zukor Park Complex. In 1994, our League, which at that time only provided Baseball programs to League age twelve, initiated a Big Boy team (ages 16 - 18) and participated in a County League.

1995 was the start for us in providing both Baseball and Softball programs from age 8 - 18. That year we launched our Softball League that has now expanded to over 400 players on 27 teams. We also joined the ranks of other Town Leagues with our own Junior (ages 13 & 14) and Senior (ages 14 - 16) divisions.

Just prior to the start of our 1996 Season, United Water returned to New City LL the use of the Strawtown Road Fields, thus allowing us to continue to expand the number of teams in all of our Divisions. That year also saw our Senior League Tigers win the County Championship, as did our Big Boy Yankees. It was the first Championship for our League, in those divisions. In 2001, we added a Double A division to our Little League Baseball program, and renamed all the divisions: Rookie - age 8, Double A - age 9, Triple A - ages 9 - 12, and Majors - ages 9 - 12

In 2002, our “Triple - A” Diamondbacks completed the first ever undefeated Season, for a team in that division. Following the regular season, they were invited to compete in a countywide tournament and wound up winning the “2002 - Rockland County, Minor League, Tournament of Champions.”

In 2003, our National League Major Champion Mets won the Rockland County/Journal News “Tournament of Champions” held in Haverstraw. It marked the first time that a New City “National” League Champion had ever finished first, in that Tournament. It also was the fourth time, in the last seven years, that a team from our League was crowned as the “Champions of Rockland County”!


In 1995, the girls softball program was added to NCLL. It included leagues for girls 8 - 16 years old: a Minor League for 8 - 10 year olds, a Major League for 11 - 12 year olds, a Junior League for 13 - 14 year olds, and a Senior League for 15 - 16 year olds. In 1999, to make a softball league, which was comparable to those in other District 18 Little Leagues, the softball program adopted a new International League format for players ages 8 to 10 replacing the Minor League format. The International League was comprised of six teams, in addition to our five Major League softball teams. Recently, our softball leagues have demonstrated their competitiveness with programs in neighboring towns as evidenced by their success in All-Star competition. In 2000, both our 9 - 10 and 13 - 14 softball All-Star teams were District 18 Little League Runners-Up.

2001 proved to be an exciting year for our Softball program. The Cardinals were our International League champions, and the Dodgers were the Major League winners. For the first time in the history of our Softball program, New City had a District 18 champion. Our Junior League Cardinals hold that honor. Both our 9 - 10 All-Stars and 13 - 14 All-Stars made it to the championship games for their age brackets.


In 2003, we expanded again. For the first time in our League’s history, we began accepting seven year-olds. To accommodate them, we have again realigned our divisions.


Rookie 7
Single - A 8
Double - A 8 & 9
Triple - A 9,10,11 & 12
Majors 10,11 & 12
Juniors 13,14 & 15
Rookie 7 & 8
International 8, 9 & 10
Majors 10, 11 & 12
Juniors 13 & 14
Seniors 14,15 & 16


We are looking forward to the 2005 season. The Girls Softball program has grown to over 400 players. We will have five “Rookie”, six “International”, eight “Major”, four “Junior” and two “Senior” League teams. GOOD LUCK to all our teams and “Let’s have fun!”

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